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Just what does a steampunk Jean Grey look like, anyway?

June 23, 2013

Finally seem to have gotten the heating problem nailed down, so now it’s time to figure out what this thing’s actually going to look like. My basic plan is:

  • Green corset (with the emblem on the chest, of course)
  • Gold fluffy steampunk-esque skirt of some sort
  • Reuse the gold stiletto pointy boots I painted for She-Ra

This leaves a few questions based on Actual Jean Grey’s costume (pictured at right):

  • Gold gloves… hot when I’m already melting, and I’m not a big fan of gloves. But maybe shorter, leather gloves painted with gold Rub ‘n Buff?
  • The turtlenecky bit… maybe do a leather collar sort of bit… like a dickey but not? A massive choker? What would you call that? (I wisely stopped short before finishing a Google search for “leather collar,” which will now be the search term for all the incoming hits here.) with an X-Men logo buckle at the center of the neck?
  • I’m thinking the skirt should wispy to emulate the sash, but I also need to make sure that all of the battery packs and such are hidden.
  • Tights? Fishnets? Hmm… Might depend on what the skirt looks like.

Another possibility for the glove/collar situation would be a shrug like this, though not lace:

Next up: make-up and Big Fluffy Hair ideas!

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