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Together! Ravenna’s bodice

July 25, 2012


I kept meaning to post photos of some version of the muslin for this bodice, but I never took a picture of it, and now it’s in a dozen pieces. I’m no expert pattern maker, and this wasn’t an easy one. But the bodice is together! I haven’t ironed it yet, but I did serge the edges so it’ll hold together long enough to get the hand embroidery on in the center front.



I’m terrible at corners. V-necks, godets, things like that. So I picked a dress full of them. Genius. Practice by fire. I’m not too proud of the way the v-shaped insets fit in the bodice–I had to make some darts at the bottom to make it work out. But I am rather pleased with these two L-shaped corners on either side:




Look how smooth! And it’s not even ironed yet! 

I also got most of the necklace made except for the pendant. I’m still hunting for the right pieces for the earrings. Just a few weeks to go!



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