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Skirt hook thingies

July 7, 2012

Details at the top of each pleat on Ravenna’s wedding dress

There are a lot of interesting things about these little bits at the top of each pleat. First, there’s all the loose threads visible in this picture, but I guess I can let that go. šŸ™‚ I do love that you can actually see the hand stitching around the loops holding them on. They look functional, but I don’t think they actually are. The piping down the center of each pleat is then attached through a loop on each of these. But they aren’t holding the pleats up or anything like that. Edit: After looking more closely at the photos, I’ve realized that’s exactly what’s happening–that whole skirt of godets is separate and attached by these findings!

I started my first shot at working on making them out of Sculpey. I’ve got the pearls to glue in later. I’m nowhere near any sort of Sculpey expert, so as usual, I’m totally winging it here.

First I traced the basic shape on a piece of the clay:

Then I used the needle to cut away “everything that wasn’t David,” so to speak.

I do think I’m going to get some of that Sculpey mold making stuff and do that rather than do this another 23 times. I just can’t decide how much to refine the design and how much to call it close enough. How much does the roughness add to the character, and how much should I try to buff out the fingerprints? This version is definitely too thick, but I’d rather it be a bit too thick and stronger than break apart. I also like the effect that the thickness has of making the bottom part of it look like a skull at a 3/4 angle:

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