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Ravenna: Gold fabric found, keys lost

July 4, 2012

The creamy/gold fabric half of the dress was a hard match. It’s a pretty subtle pattern, and not soopah shiny gold, but has just enough sheen to look regal. I was also hoping to find something that could be cut both directions to save a little on the cost. I finally found some at the discount home dec fabric place.

Then I took back some wire I’d bought at JoAnn’s that didn’t match the first gold wire I’d bought for the lacing findings, but somehow while I was there, I lost my car keys. Talk about turning this into an expensive costume if we decide to replace them. Maybe they’ll still turn up.

I have all the clover sections wrapped for those lacing pieces–16 yards of 20 gauge wire. I don’t have enough of the bead caps I was using though, so I need to get more before I can finish.

The piping on the skirt is supposed to be leather, although it doesn’t really look like it. There’s a brown-gold suede at JoAnn’s I think I can use to make it look right. And the up side of losing the keys was that I found out where they keep the cording for making your own piping.

And finally, this morning’s project: duplicating the pattern of couching/goldwork embroidery on the center front of the bodice. It’s the same way I did the pattern on Elizabeth Swann’s Pirate King coat a few years ago–blow up picture, trace, transfer. Unfortunately, I can’t find my Wacom tablet pen, so I traced crudely with a touchpad. It’ll do. I can correct curves as I go.It looks off center in spots, especially at the bottom, because the photo wasn’t perfectly centered, but my tracing is one half, properly aligned, then mirror flipped.

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