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The one where I post embarrassing phone pics on the Internet

August 9, 2011

Yesterday was a near-total loss, costuming-wise. And everything-else-wise, really. I had oral surgery last week, and I’m not quite feeling whole again yet. It’s amazing how knock-you-down mouth pain can be. But there it is. It’s also the whole inspiration for this costume. I didn’t want to be the $COSTUME-with-braces, so I needed a character who either didn’t smile or required a mask. Then I figured, what the heck, let’s go for both.

(The previous paragraph was brought to you by generous use of the hyphen key.)

This is also the furthest along I’ve been in a costume–buying fabric, drafting patterns, screwing things together–without having any clue whether it’s actually going to work. Welcome to the Three Weeks ‘Til Dragon*Con Comedy Blog.

Did I mention the main fabric won’t be here until Wednesday, and the EL wire I want to see before I buy the skirt fabric won’t be here until “sometime between August 11-16”? Not that the tracking number is even working. So tonight I focused on where the literal and figurative pain are–my head. (See today’s earlier post about how much I hate figuring out makeup.)

I experimented with some green eyeshadow I had on hand. It is indeed super-shiny. Didn’t try the HD powder on it yet though:

There may not be enough green in the world for these freckles. By the way, I did learn when making the Red Queen costume how to cover up eyebrows from a drag queen video on YouTube, so I’ll avoid the dreaded double-brow. But I wasn’t into picking glue stick out of my eyebrows for an experiment tonight.

Then I tried drafting a pattern for the horns/headpiece. I think for a first round, it came out well. I’ll widen the base a bit. There is the pointier part that turns out at the top, but I made this out of the scraps of duck cloth from some knight costumes I’m making my dad. Did I not say that? I’m also making 13 knight costumes in about the same time frame. Good thing I can’t eat–I don’t have time for it.

It took all the self-control in the world not to go wake up one of my children looking like that to see what would happen.

Finally I decided to work on the pattern for the skirt. The idea is this swirly, consumed-in-green-fire sort of thing. The swirly part requires creative pattern-making, so I decided to take Maleficent to Vegas. I mean, she already has the showgirl makeup going on.

And all that picture shows you is that if I had actually wanted to match up those stripes on a diagonal rather than just make a muslin of a skirt, it never would have worked.

Final note–if you’re wondering how the Thunder… Thunder… THUNDERBOLT‘s front-facing camera does in the low light of one’s bedroom… now you know. Not that great.

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