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What color is Maleficent?

August 8, 2011

Ah, the makeup portion of a costume. Often my least favorite part. I know a lot more about what to do with fabric and scissors than creams and brushes.

This year’s color quandary concerns Maleficent’s skin tone. I thought answering such a basic question would be easy–I could just look at how Disney costumes its characters in the parks. I expected evil brand consistency from the Mouse! But no. Sometimes she’s a nauseated pea green. Sometimes she’s paler, but that one’s expression looks more like she’s about to barf.

I’m not sure where this mask is from, but her face isn’t at all green! Nor is it in this display from Disney World.

This also made me want to know more about costume production for Disney parks. Talk about inconsistency. Check out this Maleficent’s horns–they’re huge!

Their toys, though–those will be a good reference, right? Should I go with nearly gray or ripe lime?

To be fair, some of these pictures, particularly with the toys, have issues with the color that is affecting the comparison. I think the real answer is how she looks in this $180 toy or this merely $140 one. That is to say, something very pale, slightly minty, neither quite white nor green. Agree?

Thus, to achieve the hint-of-green look, I’m thinking that using a green eyeshadow as powder will be more effective than trying to dim down a green cream makeup. Thoughts on that? I went to ULTA at lunch to see what the options were. These are swatches from three of their shades, Sage, Shamrock, and if I remember right, Green Machine (I swear the top two are actually different colors):

The bottom one seems to be closest to the right shade, but it’s a bit… shiny. I wonder if I could cut down on the sparkles with a top coat of e.l.f.’s HD powder?

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  1. Clara permalink
    August 9, 2011 11:04 am

    My instinct is to say she is naturally pale, and there is a green tinge cast on her face by the flames.

  2. pastorjulie permalink
    August 17, 2011 9:44 pm

    would some Bare Escentuals mineral veil cut down the shine? It does for my face 🙂

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