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THUNDERBOLT* battery testing, day one

August 4, 2011

Got a ThunderBolt yesterday, despite all the Internet complaints about battery life. I left the settings intact as it came to see how it performs out of the box. Today I decided to try minimal use. Tomorrow or Saturday I’ll try stressing it out.

It’s been off the charger 9 hours, 20 minutes now. I showed it to two coworkers who briefly checked the 4G speed online, took one short phone call, quickly was on Gmail, and downloaded one very small app. Battery is at 70%. Stats of usage:

Display 30%
Cell standby 25%
Phone idle 23%
Voice calls 11%
Android system 6%
Android OS 3%
Gmail 2%

So far that seems pretty reasonable compared to what I was experiencing on the Incredible, which is also known as a battery hog. But I have a feeling a lot of the battery complaints are based on expectations. You can’t stream movies all day and expect to have a full battery left. She’s givin’ it all she’s got, keptin!

* Normally I’m opposed to companies that think their brands are soooo important that they should always be in all caps or have special punctuation. In this case, HTC doesn’t capitalize ThunderBolt, but they are guilty of unnecessary CamelCase. I think we could solve this by declaring it the one brand that deserves all caps. Because when I see it, I read it as, “Thunder… thunder… THUNDERBOLT! Hooooo!”

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