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That city is famous for… (Southern edition)

July 21, 2011

Last week I posted the top results for searching “[CITY] is famous for” on the west coast. (Read why.) Here’s the

Charleston is famous for…

  • having four signers of the Declaration of Independence as past residents.
  • many firsts. (Read the list.)
  • its lowland architecture and southern hospitality.

Atlanta is famous for…

  •  its restaurant scene which is suitable for all tastes.
  •   its bad traffic and attendant pollution.
  • its indie-rock scene, producing famous artists like The Opal Foxx Quartet, The Now Explosion…

Memphis is famous for…

  •  barbecue.
  •  being the hometown of Elvis and this is why so many people come here every year.
  • two things: music and food.

New Orleans is famous for…

  • its French Quarter, with its mixture of French, Spanish, and native architectural styles.
  • its cemeteries that consist of spooky above ground tombs that helped inspire legends and stories.
  • its special drinks. Order a hurricane while there.

Knoxville is famous for…

  • “The Kick”. There is absolutely no other single event in Tennessee history that trumps “The Kick.”
  • JFG Coffee and the old timers will remember him selling it.
  • its World’s Fair of 1982, which was heralded as a great big success.
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