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That city is famous for…

July 14, 2011

I’ve been traveling pretty regularly to conferences for work, and I’m lucky that with increasing regularity, it’s been to cities I’ve never visited before. Being in a city for a conference doesn’t give you a lot of time to be a tourist, but there’s always an evening after dinner, or a Saturday morning before your flight. So I find myself frequently trying to find out what the critical must-sees are and what will give me the best taste of a city in the shortest amount of time.

I thought that searching “[CITY] is famous for” might be a good start. In some cases, yes, in others… not as much. But it’s always interesting, particularly to compare to what I know or have seen of a city. Here’s are the top results I get from a few cities in the Northwest and down the Pacific coast:

Vancouver is famous for…

  • the Olympic games players and well i don’t know cause I’m dumb.
  • its scenery and has one of the largest urban parks in North America, Stanley Park.
  • its spectacular mountains and fantastic hiking trails.

Seattle is famous for…

  • grunge music.
  • its clouds and rain, because when it rains it doesn’t clear off as here in the East Coast.
  • our fabulous coffee (regular or decaf).

Portland is famous for…

  • its bread, and the bakery that started it all, Pearl Bakery, anchors the Pearl District.
  • beer.
  • being a very bikeable city.

Sacramento is famous for…

  • tomatoes.
  • being the seat of government for this awesome state.
  • the wrong reasons.

San Francisco is famous for…

  • its hills. There are more than 50 hills within city limits.
  • its exuberant and visible lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.
  • the fog!



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