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Making a wet bag for cloth diapers or swimsuits

April 5, 2010

Wet bag fabricsI’ve finally gotten back in the habit of taking cloth diapers to day care. That means I need a wet bag to take them home in. There’s no point in saving the world one cloth diaper at a time if you’re just going to carry them home in plastic bags every day.

Before my daughter–who is now 4–was born, I had grand cloth diapering visions. Then my mother, who cloth diapered my brother but rejoiced for the invention of disposables by the time I came around, told me I was absolutely insane for considering it. Perhaps not that strongly, but that was the jist of it.

Nevertheless, during that grand vision, I’d already purchased a few yards of PUL from eBay. So now, almost five years later, I still have a few yards of slightly pink PUL. And this time, I’m doing the cloth diaper compromise. Disposables at home where mostly he’s sleeping in them and cloth diapers at day care. It’s working out pretty well. And I’m pretty sure he won’t be scarred for life if his diapers go in a wet bag lined with slightly pink fabric. Especially when the outside is some pretty fishies.

I also thought, hey, while I’m making this thing, I can take a few pics and post a tutorial. However, just making the wet bag was an adventure since we’re getting ready to move, and my sewing room currently looks like this:

Craft room mid-move

Can you find the sewing machine in this picture? Can you find room for me to sit at it?

So instead of a tutorial, I’ll point you where most of the discussion board posts about making wet bags will point you:

This excellent Crafster tutorial on making a lined zipper bag.

Just substitute PUL for the lining, and you’re good to go. If you don’t have PUL, you can use vinyl to waterproof the inside. You can also find tons of discussions here and there about sewing PUL so that it’s actually waterproof, but I don’t think that’s particularly important here. I’m not using the bag to transport water. I just don’t want damp things to get the dry things wet.

I had a great zipper in my stash for this project. I might have picked a different color, but the ring for a zipper pull was too good to pass up. You can see the bag hanging from it in the picture below. This is just the sort of shelving they use at day care, so it’s perfect for the purpose.

Finished wet bag

You can’t beat that for a 30-minute project! And when we’re finished carrying around cloth diapers, it’ll be perfect for wet swimsuits in a suitcase.

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