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Out of this world pancakes

January 3, 2010

I got duplicate sets of cookie cutters for Christmas, so I returned one set to Williams Sonoma. Then I was faced with the torture of store credit. What to buy when the choices are so plentiful? But even in the post-Christmas clearance, the winner stood out clear from the pack. Outer Space Pancake Molds.

When I found them, I announced that all of my future pancakes would be out of this world. As if they weren’t already! After using them, I still want intergalactic breakfast, but I don’t think every pancake will be of the planetary (or solar, or lunar) sort.

For starters, if you’re going to make fun-shaped pancakes, they might as well be fun colors too. The molds are pretty large. This griddle is probably 3/4 the width of the stove.

outer space pancake molds

And out come intergalactic delights!

finished pancakes

But the real question: is the four-year-old customer satisfied? It looks like a yes.

eating pancakes

A couple of people asked what recipe I used. I learned to make pancakes from my mom, for whom most recipes involve variations on, “put some X in the bowl until it looks right.” Pancakes are some flour, an egg, some oil, and milk until it’s the right consistency. Waffles are the same, but with less milk. Lately I’ve been adding a little cinnamon, sugar, and occasionally nutmeg and ginger. But I’ve heard that the recipe that comes on the package works pretty well.

The reviews on the Williams Sonoma site say you really do need to spray the molds, which I didn’t. I also didn’t read the reviews before I used it. Next time I make them, I probably will spray them. It wasn’t too hard to get them out, though. I just poked the edges with a spatula until it popped out. Only one really came apart, and that was my fault for putting too much batter in and not letting it set well enough before taking it out of the mold.

Definitely recommended. Next I want to try making cookies with them.

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