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Sequel to Phantom of the Opera?

December 4, 2009

This week we saw Phantom of the Opera at the DPAC. I’ve seen the movie and listened to the songs a million times, but I’d never seen a live performance. It was a great show, but certain aspects surprised me. The chandelier was not what I had envisioned. And can anyone explain why the Phantom, who is really just a person, can shoot fireballs from his hands?

See the DPAC’s photos from the show.

After the show, I was searching for the answer to my “burning” question when I learned that there’s going to be a sequel to Phantom. Strangest facts from the Wikipedia article about it:

  • It’s set at Coney Island.
  • In June 2007, it was reported that Webber’s pet cat, Otto had jumped onto his synthesizer and managed to erase the entire score.
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