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Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake

November 18, 2009

As she turns four, my daughter is madly in love with Spiderman and Strawberry Shortcake. Maybe it’s something about the letter S. For her party, she asked for a Spiderman Batman Hello Kitty Superman cake (no commas because there are no pauses in her description). It didn’t turn out quite as well as it did in my head. But she wanted Strawberry Shortcake for her day care party. That one turned out much better, and she loved it. Better yet, it was super simple and a one-night project.

The strawberry is two 6″ rounds with the inner dome part of the Betty Crocker Bake ‘n Fill pan for the rounded top. I think that a ball pan would work just as well, but I found the Bake ‘n Fill dome first. I was worried that since I didn’t use the character on the cake that she wouldn’t think it was “right,” but as soon as she saw it, she screamed, “My Strawberry Shortcake cake!” Must have been OK.

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