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Halloween costumes

October 29, 2007

For Halloween, I wore Elizabeth Swann. All the time that went into that, I might as well wear it as much as possible! Husband decided to be fat Elvis (in his later years). The kidlet was going to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz until I discovered her little ruby slippers were a bit too big, and she couldn’t walk in them without looking like she’d had a pitcher of margaritas. So she became daddy’s biggest fan, which really, wasn’t much of a costume since she already is!

It turns out there used to be Elvis patterns in the usual pattern books, but there aren’t anymore. There isn’t even a basic jumpsuit pattern. If you find someone willing to sell you one of the old Elvis patterns, they’re going for about $60. So instead I used a basic pirate shirt pattern to get the collar I wanted and then attached it to pants at the waist. I split the shirt down the center front for the zipper. Then I lined the inside of the lower sleeves and put a gusset in the pants leg, both with the red crushed velvet from the inside of the cape.

Pictures behind the cut.

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