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Elizabeth progress: Sculpey painted, half of coat finished

August 12, 2007

Today I mostly finished one side of the coat’s trim, except for a little bit of detail work. I also painted the Sculpey pieces. Coat first:

These are the pieces I posted before when they were unpainted. None of the Sculpey pieces look quite this shiny in reality, but the paint’s a tad wet, and the flash adds shine. I think I did a pretty good job of imitating the blackened gold look of the original.

And this is the piece I’m most proud of. It’s not perfect, but I think I did pretty well. It’s the 7″ diameter piece that goes in the center of the belt. It’s definitely the piece I was most worried about. Here’s what the original looks like.

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  1. Shirley Gervais permalink
    August 21, 2007 3:25 pm


    You are doing an amazing job with Elizabeth Swann’s pirate lord costume.
    Could you please tell me how you made the
    pieces for the belt and sculpey.
    What did you use to make them out of?
    Thanks for any help you could give me.

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