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Costume update

July 31, 2007

I made a lot of progress on the Elizabeth Swann costume today! The pieces are cut for the two side armor flaps, the coat lining is cut out and put together with the exception of the sleeves, and all of the buttons, buttonholes, and edge trim are on the coat. You can’t see them in the picture, but there are four buttons at the bottom of each sleeve and six at the bottom of each side seam.

I’ve also cut out the pieces for the gigantic belt, but it’s not far enough along to be worth pictures. You know what an 8″x31″ piece of leather looks like, right? Well, that’s it. But I do have a picture of Sao Feng/Captain Swann’s piece of eight:

Officially, that’s a monkey fist knot around what I’ve surmised is a piece of jade. But the piece wasn’t shaped quite right for the monkey fist knot to hold, so that’s an improvised monkey fist. Looks similar, but it’s worked a bit differently just to make sure it all stays put.

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