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July 8, 2007

I posted earlier about the knot buttons because I didn’t foresee making any other significant progress today on my Elizabeth Swann costume. Hooray for being wrong!

I got the coat cut out (not the lining though), sewn together, the 36 buttons down the front, and the first round of trim on. I’m going to be seeing this in my sleep:

This stuff ravels like crazy, so even though it’s going to be fully lined and all the seams will be hidden, I couldn’t really work with it until I serged all the seams. I used to serge the edges of each piece before sewing them together, but my mom serges after the seams, so I’ve been heading that way since it results in significantly less time at the machine. As I was doing so, I was thinking, I’ve forgotten something. There’s going to be some reason I have to take some of this out. And if you’ve never done so, removing serging is a somewhat beastly affair.

If only I could have been wrong again. I forgot two things: the split in the side seams at the hem and the fact that I have short arms. I cut the sleeves to the length of the pattern, knowing I’d need to shorten them. I didn’t realize I’d be whacking off four inches! So although I remembered the split in the sleeve seam, it didn’t do me any good since they were way too long.

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  1. Stacy permalink
    November 23, 2010 12:44 am

    Would you send me more information about where you got your pattern and how you did some of the armor.
    I am looking to make this costume for myself for an event in May!

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