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May 22, 2006

This one was for my husband’s birthday! The base is two 12″ rounds, and the island is the Betty Crocker dome that you can fill. (This one was chocolate filled with chocolate mousse!) It is hard work building a cake that big with that much frosting and fondant pieces that have to dry, and keeping it out of sight of the recipient!

This was also my first frozen buttercream transfer – the Margaritaville logo. So I also had to keep him out of the freezer one afternoon! That was OK with him–that meant I had to bring him drinks.

Margaritaville cake

All of the colors are store brand food colors from a neon colors set. This cake was really an excuse to try out the neon colors! The sand is crushed graham crackers. There is indeed cake inside the hut as well. The roof is the only inedible part; it’s made from kebab skewers.

You can somewhat see in the picture the yellow water plane, which is all marshmallow fondant. I also had some teeny tiny margarita glasses, but they turned out to be too big for the bar, which was smaller than in my head. I’ve got to learn to draw out my plans!

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